Christian Skate Night

Skate night

Drive Away Hunger Cool Car Show

Great first event! There were about 40 entries and people in and out all day looking at the cars. There was one Mustang for sale that might have sold because of the event… :)

It is funny how a couple people can say something and it turns into an event. Thanks to Cari and the gang at Cornerstone Community Credit Union for hosting the event and to Cari for spearheading the passing conversation that happened with Joe and making it reality.

Thank you to the judges for taking time out of their weekend to be part of the event…

How was your weekend?

I had a full weekend with friends and work. Friday it started with the Whiskey and Wine Tasting at the Shrine. It was a great event and looking forward to it again next year. In fact we are already talking about another event this summer.

Saturday I worked at the radio station and had a graduation party to attend. It was fun hanging with friends no meeting new ones. I finished Saturday at a friends house for a night of karaoke. I had not been over there in almost a year because if school and work. My last year has been so busy I have barely been keeping up with myself :)

Sunday rounded out the weekend at the station again, but from there I was part of the Spring Open House at the Rollins Mansion. I meet another DJ and we talked for a bit. I met a few couples and handed out business cards and brochures. I enjoyed talking to a couple event planners.

The roughest part of my weekend was during my load in Friday I stepped wrong and twisted my ankle. That made my weekend a little harder to enjoy, but I did enjoy it. I hope you had a great weekend and have a great week. Remember when situations happen it is how you react that will decide how your day or weekend will be. Things happen and I do my best to stand up dust myself off and press on. I know it is not always easy, but if you are going to make it, then it becomes a necessity. Choose your react today and be happy.

New addition to Jimmy Olsen Entertainment

What a year so far…

I started it off making the decree I will focus on me more again. I was allowing myself to be overrun by everything else going on and not looking at what I needed to do. In short, the change has been a blessing for me.

The DJ business is doing well.  I am making a lot of connections and building relationships. I believe that is important in all aspects of life. We need personal, business, and spiritual relationships and connections to inspire us. They give the drive we need to be the best we can be.

This year has been great because of a connection I have created; a new department in my business. I attend many networking events and after one of the events, I had a conversation with a friend. He shared with me his concern about how people were not projecting well and did not know how to work a room when they were sharing about themselves.

As the conversation continued, he looked at me and said, ‘you should be a vocal coach.’ I have been in a business for over twenty years of working a room and projecting my voice. I thought about it and as the day went on, I thought, ‘why not?’ I have all the years of experience and knowledge I can share with others.

That is one thing I love to do: invest in others to help them improve and become better people. I really feel that is the purpose for all of us. We need to help others succeed and become successful. When we help others be successful, we will in turn be successful.

So, I took the plunge. Taking my years of coaching talent in broadcasting, I am now available to help you with your public speaking techniques. I will work with you individually and in a group to help you be the best you can be. It will also give you more confidence when you are talking with others making connections and building relationships.

If you need to brush up your skills or know someone who needs a little help, I will happy to be your public speaking coach.

Getting a start on 2014

This has already been a busy year with a couple holiday parties, work at the radio station, and networking events. It is always interesting playing the balancing act with life. I am asked how I do it and I have to admit I am not always the best acrobat, but I try my best.

2014 brings new ideas to Jimmy Olsen Entertainment and working with business to help team building through out the year. I can help your event from planning to execution. What are your thoughts and ideas and how can we make those succeed for your event? We can work together to create a successful event.

New this year is team trivia and improv sketch comedy for your event. Together we can inspire your co-workers to work together and build the relationships within your team.

Christmas Greetings!

Merry Christmas to all!

I am late getting this out, but it has been a busy the latter part of 2013. So I have decided to take time this Christmas Eve morning to put my Christmas letter together. I hope this finds you and your family well this Christmas season and I pray you have a happy safe new year.

I am still at Des Moines Radio Group and I have been helping out at Life 107.1 once again. The DJ business is steady and I will be going into 2014 pretty well. If you have not heard I also started school and January will be one year. That will put me half way through my associates degree at William Penn. The plan then is to transfer to Grandview for my bachelors in possibly history/religion.

I have also been helping smaller business’ with marketing, currently my biggest client is Kingsway University & Theological Seminary. The idea came from brainstorming with a marketing associate about events I am organizing and we came up with “MAC”, Marketing Accountability Consultant. We help business’ put together a plan, but then also meet with them to hold them accountable to the marketing plan.

My 2014 is starting strong with a Business ConXions Group I am starting every month. The group will help build relationships and help create a spiritual support system for business owners. I am very excited to get this started… God has been pestering me for a long time to do something like this and I am finally taking the step.

Many of you know that I became a Mason a couple years ago. This year I have furthered my journey joining the York Rite and following in my grandfather’s footsteps I became a shriner in November. It has been a very rewarding experience for me and have pulled me out of the shell I have lived in for years.

In 2014 I was chosen to be in the leadership of my York Rite chapter and council; I was also elected Vice President of High Twelve Club in 2014. God has blessed me with many connections this past year that has enriched my life. I am looking forward to a joyous 2014!

This year with my business I have also expanded my chamber memberships. Along with the Waukee Chamber I am also a member of the East South Des Moines Chamber. I am working with the Des Moines West Side Chamber and Downtown Chamber for 2014. I am still looking into the West Des Moines and Urbandale Chamber.

My parents are doing well and in good health. This past year has been a good year with my kids. We still have a lot to work through, but it is slowly getting better. For Christmas my cousin and I will be going to the farm to have lunch with my grandma. She is in her mid 90’s and still holding her own. We will get the family together for Christmas on New Year’s Day.

Please forgive any grammar and spelling errors :).

Peace to you, your family, and all you have…

Happy Christmas and God bless us, every one!


What are your holiday party plans?

Halloween has past and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This means holiday party and gatherings planning is fully underway. If you need help with planning and are looking for entertainment contact me for a consultation.

October was a pretty good month for me with the ALS walk and the first Beacon of Life Cake Gala. During September the East South Des Moines Chamber has their Celebration of Progress. The past few months have been very busy and made a lot of connections. Networking is a very important part of business. This is a asset that has taken time to learn, but is huge for grass roots marketing with your business.

Jimmy Olsen Entertainment has added marketing to one of the services that is offered. Talking with other marketing professionals there was a gap that needed to be filled. The Marketing Accountability Consultant is the answwer. With many discussions with business owners they have had lots of help with marketing and marketing plans, but once the plan is created who is there to make sure it is being followed? Why make the plan if you are not going to follow it and then it fails. That is what the Marketing Accountability Consultant does for you. They partner with your business and are dedicated to your success as you are. Let us talk about your marketing plan and make sure you are doing what you said you would do.