Fair Trivia

Hey Friends! I hope you are having a good week. Mine is crazy with different things going on. This past weekend was week two of trivia at Broheim’s Indoor Golf and Pub. We had another good turnout, but you can still join us every Sunday afternoon at 4. I have many friends that making their way to the Iowa State Fair. I was there last week to see For King and Country with Matt Mahr with Life 107.1. I always love meeting listeners and hearing their stories. Thursday was also the annual Des Moines East South Chamber gathering at Jalapeno Pete’s.

Friday was also another good day at the fair as well as preparing for Sunday Trivia. Monday I was hanging out at the KIX 101.1 booth on the triangle, I will be there this Sunday also. This weekend is a full weekend with trivia on Saturday at Snus Winery in Madrid, KIX 101.1 booth Sunday morning from 9-1 at the Iowa State Fair, then trivia Sunday afternoon at Broheim’s Indoor Golf and Pub.

I am thankful for all that are coming out to support the different events I am a part of. I am also working on something special for the Iowa State Fair next year. As many of you know me I am not stopping there either as my role with CISN grows, restarting my podcast with Rooster, and planning a weekly Pub Theology meeting.

I know God has a purpose for me and I am doing my best to make sure I am doing what he wants me to do. I appreciate all the prayers and support from you.


08102017 Pioneer Hall Iowa State Fair

Pioneer Hall 2017 Iowa State Fair

08102017 KIX 101.1 Booth at the Iowa State Fair

KIX 101.1 booth at the Iowa State Fair

08102017 Iowa State Fair

Iowa State Fair Day One

Summer is going well!

2017 has been a year of ups and downs, but it is going well. I have had a few exciting things happen for me, especially if you love trivia. I have been hosting a monthly trivia event at Snus Winery in Madrid and I will be starting a weekly event at Broheim’s Indoor Golf and Pub on August 6th. Plus this weekend I will be part of the Wing Ding at Jethro’s in Johnston that benefits the Puppy Jake Foundation.

I will give all the information about the event in the email. I also want to share with you my craiglist ads for the DJ business, Voice Work, and Voice Acting Coach. If you know any one i search of these services. let me know and pass my information along.

DJ/Emcee Service

Voice Work

Voice Acting Coach

Upcoming Events:

Wing Ding
Saturday, July 22nd, 4pm
Jethro’s BBQ n’ Pork Chop Grill
5950 Northeast 86th Street, Johnston

Saturday Summer Trivia
July 29th, 2pm
Snus Winery, Madrid

Weekly Sunday Trivia
Starting August 6th, 4pm
Broheim’s Indoor Golf and Pub
53 NE Carefree Lane, Waukee

Things Are Changing

The past few weeks have been a little crazy. I know many of you have been following along. I was downsized from the radio station and then started selling cars. I enjoyed the experience at the dealership and met a few more people. Now I am working on another chapter of my life.

I am now working at KIX 101.1 in Marshalltown and still helping out at Life 107.1/96.1/100.7, but it is not stoping there. I have been working with the Central Iowa Sports Network, CISN.tv, and we are starting our new weekly show from the Twisted Vine Brewery in West Des Moines. We have been working on the show for a few months and have decided to get it running.

You can join us every Thursday at 4 to watch the show. CISN is excited with the partnership with Twisted Vine Brewery to bring you the weekly program. I will be reaching out to many for interviews with the shows and we are looking for show sponsors. This is an exciting opportunity that CISN is bringing to Central Iowa.

If you would like to partner with us we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Happy New Year

I know I am behind getting my letter out for the holiday’s. Last year was crazy for me with lots of changes. I finished my Associates in Leadership with William Penn in June and before that changes happened for me at Des Moines Radio Group. In the spring of 2015 I added the responsibility of daily shift on 93.3 KIOA. I am on Monday through Friday 7 to midnight and Saturday’s from 10 to 3.

The new responsibilities at KIOA was not the only change during the year. A few weeks before I finished my degree I was approached to work mornings on More 104.1. Who am I to say no :). That added more responsibilities to my plate at the radio group and have been the morning guy on 104.1 since mid May. As they say find something you love and get paid for it and you never work a day in your life. That is so true and I am blessed to have been in radio for as long as I have.

I still have my event company and had a handful of events throughout the year. 2016 is shaping up with a few events and I have also added a new opportunity with my company. The idea is drinks and terrariums… You are thinking what is that? Well it is a great night out with family and friends that feeds the crafty side of your mind. Much like drinks and painting, but rather than painting you are creating your own terrarium for your home, office, or as a gift. I am also talking with a few nonprofits to use the opportunity as a fundraiser.

I know I always seem to have something going on and I think God daily of the opportunities he makes available for me. I admit there are days I would rather just sit at home and not feel to be constantly on the go, but if I did that I would miss out on so many opportunities for myself and others.

I want to thank all of you who support me and those who send me the encouraging words through the year to build me up and help keep me going. I pray your holiday’s were wonderful and that 2016 will be your best year yet.