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2018 Principal Charity Classic June 8-10

Thanks to the Principal Charity Classic and the Wakonda Club for hosting Media Day, I had another opportunity to play golf at the Wakonda club this past week.  Not only did I get to play, I was able to play with a couple great friends: Mike Downer with Iowa Catholic Radio, and Joe Stasi with MediaUSA Skywalk Advertising and the voice of the Iowa Barnstormers.

I always look forward to the Principal Charity Classic every year. I know my golf game leaves a lot to be desired. Though I do not have a talent for the game, it does give me the opportunity to hang out with friends as well as make new friends. I always tell people if I could swap my bowling and golf scores, I would be a pro at both, just like my Uncle Jim.  

Not only am I able to meet people at the Classic, it is always fun to be part of a great event that helps the Des Moines economy, in addition to creating memories which will last a lifetime. I always have to remind myself to get out at mingle with people. For me, this is not an easy thing to do because: a.) I am not huge on crowds, and b.) I am an introvert. I tell people I meet this all the time, yet they do not believe me. They find it difficult to believe considering I have been in the entertainment business throughout most of my life in various forms or being in a position which requires me to be in front of people. It is the truth and a bit ironic, I know. However, I am sure if you were to ever observe me at an event, you would see the awkwardness.  I tend to hold back from the crowd until I find a way to sneak in or find someone to pull me in to a conversation.

That being said, every year it surprises me the number of people I run into while taking part in events at the Classic. These interactions just reinforce my firm belief with regards to networking and branding myself. I believe it is about relationships and building a trust between others to do business, along with a strong network I am able to reach out to for ideas, as well as receiving feedback on my ideas.

On June 8th through 10th, just a few weeks away from now, Des Moines will be invaded by golf pros and fans alike, all for the Principal Charity Classic. I hope you are able to enjoy the event, if you are not a fan of golf. There is a lot to enjoy and gives yet another great opportunity to hang out with family and friends in the community.

Click here for Principal Charity Classic information

Comic Con Des Moines 2018 June 1-3

I am sitting in Caribou, performing my daily ritual of journaling, checking email, catching up on paperwork, and brainstorming ideas. It seems to be an exhausting morning for me, and it is, usually. I am trying to remember the different things I need to get done for the next events coming up: The Principal Charity Classic and Comic Con.

Looking through the Comic Con website this morning, I had the crazy thought: this is my convention! Yes, I had to laugh at myself for that. I believe it is true, though, because I was born into the comic world, even if it is by name alone. Who knew that by being named after my grandfather, I would be brought into a daily costume for me to wear?

If you think about it, my name is Jimmy Olsen, and I can go to any costume party already in costume, all thanks to the creators of Superman. It took me years to start embracing the gift I was given. I have been to every Comic Con since it started coming to Des Moines.  Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to meet Dean Cain the year he was here due to work obligations. Jimmy Olsen, meeting one of the guys that played Superman: that would have been cool, right?

Growing up was interesting; who knew Hollywood was going to produce four Superman movies with Christopher Reeves? From there I get the questions (How is Superman? How is Lois Lane?), though not as much anymore. After a while, I just roll with it. I had the years of annoyance of hearing it time and time again, but now that has changed.

Now, I embrace it. I annoy people because I AM a big kid, wearing my Superman cap most everywhere I go. I become giddy knowing Comic Con is coming to Des Moines June 1st through June 3rd. The costumes, the vendors, and the friends I run into every year all make for a great escape for a few hours a day, not to mention the opportunities to meet different stars, producers, writers, artists, and all the fans.

If you have not taken to opportunity to visit Comic Con, make this year your year. I hope to see you there.

Click here for information about Wizard World Comic Con

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