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2014 Christmas Letter

It has been a crazy year! As I look back, I wonder where it has gone. I am blessed God opened many opportunities for me, with one being able to help promote a show at the ZaGaZig Shrine Temple. I was also approached by Skate North to bring back Christian Skate night. That will begin in January and be the first Monday of each month throughout the spring. In addition to those, I am also putting together a vendor fair for the Shrine this spring.

Every year, God shows me how His grace and mercy works! Yes, as I write this letter, I can see where the year has gone, and it keeps getting busier. My entertainment and marketing company is expanding daily, and I am excited about that. Being able to start promoting shows has been a dream of mine for years; the opportunity has now become a reality.

I am still working with the radio stations. In 2015, it will be 25 years in radio for me. I cannot believe it will be a quarter of a century for me. It has given me memories to cherish and share the rest of my life. I honestly cannot believe I have been in broadcasting for this long. It is a true blessing, although I do question the blessing some days :). But who does not? The joy is it has not become a job yet, so I am still having a great time doing it. My daughter Alex always reminds me how I am not a celebrity because her friends do not hear me on the radio :).

I have been doing my podcast for over five years now. This year, I was able to tie it into iHeart radio. That has been fantastic opportunity because in the few months I have been on iHeart radio, I have doubled the amount of listens and downloads I had total since I started the podcast. That is encouraging to me. 🙂

One of my goals for 2014 was to finish my book(s) and I did. They are being edited now, and I am deciding the best way to get them published. I hope to have them completed by the end of 2015. Thank you for all the prayers and support.

I know 2015 will bring more opportunities and changes in my life. I wish all of my friends and family a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Skate night