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Six Coronavirus Quick Hits: Should People in Quarantine Wear Ankle Monitors?

Here are a few coronavirus stories making headlines . . .

1.  Should people in quarantine be forced to wear GPS trackers, like the ankle monitors prisoners wear?  40% of Americans in a new survey said yes.

2.  WebMD’s “symptom checker” site has seen a crazy amount of traffic because of the outbreak.  So many people are checking symptoms, the number of visits has jumped 67 THOUSAND PERCENT since January 1st.

3.  The vodka brand Tito’s is telling people NOT to use its product to make hand sanitizer.  “Good Housekeeping” ran an article on how to make your own, and claimed all you had to do was combine vodka, aloe, and essential oils.

But hand sanitizer has to be 60% alcohol to be effective, and most vodkas are 40%.  Tito’s says it could have boosted their sales, but they didn’t want people wasting vodka.

4.  People are reportedly buying up CONDOMS in huge quantities . . . to cover their fingers, so they don’t have to touch things like elevator buttons.

5.  Toilet paper has also been selling out.  So a tabloid in Australia added eight blank pages to its newest issue.  They said it’s for people to “use in an emergency.”

6. And a doctor under quarantine in France had some reassuring words to calm people down. He currently has the virus, but it’s been pretty mild for him so far. In a Skype interview, he said dealing with his KIDS has been more exhausting than the virus itself.