Fair Trivia

Hey Friends! I hope you are having a good week. Mine is crazy with different things going on. This past weekend was week two of trivia at Broheim’s Indoor Golf and Pub. We had another good turnout, but you can still join us every Sunday afternoon at 4. I have many friends that making their way to the Iowa State Fair. I was there last week to see For King and Country with Matt Mahr with Life 107.1. I always love meeting listeners and hearing their stories. Thursday was also the annual Des Moines East South Chamber gathering at Jalapeno Pete’s.

Friday was also another good day at the fair as well as preparing for Sunday Trivia. Monday I was hanging out at the KIX 101.1 booth on the triangle, I will be there this Sunday also. This weekend is a full weekend with trivia on Saturday at Snus Winery in Madrid, KIX 101.1 booth Sunday morning from 9-1 at the Iowa State Fair, then trivia Sunday afternoon at Broheim’s Indoor Golf and Pub.

I am thankful for all that are coming out to support the different events I am a part of. I am also working on something special for the Iowa State Fair next year. As many of you know me I am not stopping there either as my role with CISN grows, restarting my podcast with Rooster, and planning a weekly Pub Theology meeting.

I know God has a purpose for me and I am doing my best to make sure I am doing what he wants me to do. I appreciate all the prayers and support from you.


No Shave November Week Two

I have been using the time I would normally shave to better myself. What are you doing with your time? I am usually will look for an article or something to improve myself or I spend extra time at the gym. I have found that No Shave November has been a great time to reflect and take inventory.


No Shave November Week One

I am a week into No Shave November. Have you taken the challenge? This has been a interesting week for me so far. I am constantly astounded about every one listening to my podcast every week and I continue to add more chapters to my book I am writing. I also am enjoying the weather this week and getting in as much as I can before it turns colder. While I am enjoying the outdoors and getting in my exercise I meditate and evaluate what I need to do next. I cannot believe the comments I receive for my Facebook posts, blogs, and podcast. It is encouraging to know that what I am doing is inspiring others and that helps inspire me.

What are you doing to inspire others? From a smile or a hello to a stranger and friends. I believe the purpose is to lift up one another and help them become a better person. Both personally and professionally how are you helping others grow. As I keep making new steps in my life I am looking for who I can take with me. I decided a few years ago it was time to take control of my life and not let it happen.

I have been talking to a friend and we were discussing what I am doing for myself with working out and taking time out for me. This was something I was not good with for years and while I was evaluating my life I chose that I need to start taking care of myself. If I do not take care of me then who will. I have had people tell me I am being selfish and there is a little selfishness to it, but looking at the big picture I am also helping myself to be here longer for family and friends.

What are you doing to keep yourself health physically and mentally? We are important and though it is hard to understand our importance to others. It is something to think about. What legacy are you leaving behind and how are you influencing others? I want people to remember me as one who encouraged. Take time for yourself daily and during that time take care of yourself and look for ways to make you grow.


Winds of Change

Are you the same person you were a couple years ago? Even a couple months ago? We are go through changes, some are good and some are not so good. It will depend on how we react to things that happen in our life. I was talking a friend yesterday and they made a comment about how I have changed compared to when I first met them. That was not the only comment I have received claiming that in the past couple weeks.

I will agree that I have changed and I believe it is for the better. I remember my actions and thoughts through my life and I was a jerk. I had love and compassion for others, but I was also opinionated and shared it no matter if it was welcome or not. I am not saying it still does not happen, but I feel it is not as overbearing as it used to be. I know there are others that do not agree with how I am think today because we do not think the same. I am ok with that because I am an individual and that is how I was made. We were given a brain and are expected to use it. 

I know I am not perfect and the reality is I will never be perfect, but am I giving into my imperfection or am I striving to be a better person? It is how we deal with our daily lives and deal with situations in life. This is not an easy task and sometimes is feels better to give up rather than pushing forward. If we press on we will be better in the long run for us and for those around us. 

Are you welcoming the change in your life or are you fighting it? I encourage the change and allowing it to engulf my heart and mind. I agree it can be overwhelming at times and not every one will understand what is happening in your life. The reality is either they will understand and accept the change or they will decide to move on. I am still true to my beliefs, but I understand my beliefs better than I every have and understand how I should deal with my beliefs with others.

We all believe what we believe, but we need to understand these are personal beliefs. It is our purpose to help each other and not force feed them what we believe. Daily we need to think what we have done to help better the life of another individual.



I was working this morning and heard a commercial that reminded me of Movember or No Shave November. It gave me an idea and I thought I would share it with you. I was planning on participating in NoShaveNovember and decided to share a challenge. When researching the November challenge it was created to bring awareness to prostate cancer. Here is my idea… I do not have a specific charity that I am supporting and I know we all have specific charities that are near to our heart.

Join me in No Shave November or Movember and take the money that you would use for shaving products or services and donate to the charity of your choice. No Shave November means you will not shave for the month or Movember means you grow a mustache during the month. The direction you decide to go is up to you. I will be sharing picture updates on twitter and facebook during the month. As we approach the holiday season this is a great way to show charity to those around us and gives you a story to share.


2014 Christmas Letter

It has been a crazy year! As I look back, I wonder where it has gone. I am blessed God opened many opportunities for me, with one being able to help promote a show at the ZaGaZig Shrine Temple. I was also approached by Skate North to bring back Christian Skate night. That will begin in January and be the first Monday of each month throughout the spring. In addition to those, I am also putting together a vendor fair for the Shrine this spring.

Every year, God shows me how His grace and mercy works! Yes, as I write this letter, I can see where the year has gone, and it keeps getting busier. My entertainment and marketing company is expanding daily, and I am excited about that. Being able to start promoting shows has been a dream of mine for years; the opportunity has now become a reality.

I am still working with the radio stations. In 2015, it will be 25 years in radio for me. I cannot believe it will be a quarter of a century for me. It has given me memories to cherish and share the rest of my life. I honestly cannot believe I have been in broadcasting for this long. It is a true blessing, although I do question the blessing some days :). But who does not? The joy is it has not become a job yet, so I am still having a great time doing it. My daughter Alex always reminds me how I am not a celebrity because her friends do not hear me on the radio :).

I have been doing my podcast for over five years now. This year, I was able to tie it into iHeart radio. That has been fantastic opportunity because in the few months I have been on iHeart radio, I have doubled the amount of listens and downloads I had total since I started the podcast. That is encouraging to me. 🙂

One of my goals for 2014 was to finish my book(s) and I did. They are being edited now, and I am deciding the best way to get them published. I hope to have them completed by the end of 2015. Thank you for all the prayers and support.

I know 2015 will bring more opportunities and changes in my life. I wish all of my friends and family a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Skate night


Downtown Council 02052013

Yesterday I attended the downtown council. We met at the Temple for Performing Arts. It was another great meeting with so many things coming to Des Moines. It’s going to be busy the next few weeks.

The Greater Des Moines Convention and visitors Bureau shared some big events coming over the next month. Including the state wrestling tournament, boys and girls basketball, which are always great events for Des Moines. Also the NCAA wrestling will be here in March. It’s sold out so downtown retailers are excited for the influx of people. This will be great for our local economy.

Kevin Crowley and Peter Brown also shared with us the plan for Walnut Street which includes more downtown living and retail space. They are still reviving downtown by bringing more to downtown with living, shopping, and playing.

The Des Moines Social Club even gave us a sneak peak at “The Last Five Years”. It opens tomorrow and runs through the 17th. You can find more of their events at desmoinessocialclub.org.

We were reminded of the Iowa Cubs opening day April 12th. The attendees were very excited. Brenton Skating Plaza is also still open through March, depending on weather since Phil called for an early spring by not seeing his shadow.

The downtown council meets the first Tuesday of the month. Checkout their events onlinedesmoinesdowntownchamber.com.

Tomorrow afternoon the Des Moines West Side Chamber is having a business after hours networking event from 4 to 6:30 at Pignott, INC, 3815 Ingersoll.