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Six Coronavirus Quick Hits: Should People in Quarantine Wear Ankle Monitors?

Here are a few coronavirus stories making headlines . . .

1.  Should people in quarantine be forced to wear GPS trackers, like the ankle monitors prisoners wear?  40% of Americans in a new survey said yes.

2.  WebMD’s “symptom checker” site has seen a crazy amount of traffic because of the outbreak.  So many people are checking symptoms, the number of visits has jumped 67 THOUSAND PERCENT since January 1st.

3.  The vodka brand Tito’s is telling people NOT to use its product to make hand sanitizer.  “Good Housekeeping” ran an article on how to make your own, and claimed all you had to do was combine vodka, aloe, and essential oils.

But hand sanitizer has to be 60% alcohol to be effective, and most vodkas are 40%.  Tito’s says it could have boosted their sales, but they didn’t want people wasting vodka.

4.  People are reportedly buying up CONDOMS in huge quantities . . . to cover their fingers, so they don’t have to touch things like elevator buttons.

5.  Toilet paper has also been selling out.  So a tabloid in Australia added eight blank pages to its newest issue.  They said it’s for people to “use in an emergency.”

6. And a doctor under quarantine in France had some reassuring words to calm people down. He currently has the virus, but it’s been pretty mild for him so far. In a Skype interview, he said dealing with his KIDS has been more exhausting than the virus itself.

Ten Stats for Valentine’s Day

A million studies and surveys come out around Valentine’s Day each year.  So we went through and pulled out the best stuff.  Here are ten random stats . . .

1.  Americans will spend $27 billion for Valentine’s Day this year.  And a lot of it is spent on CRAP.  Last year, we shelled out about $9.5 billion for UNWANTED gifts, like kitchen utensils or a gym membership.

2.  On average, nine million people propose on Valentine’s Day each year.  And roughly one million Facebook users will change their relationship status in the next few days.

3.  There’s a 33% spike in online dating in the two weeks before Valentine’s Day.  The states with the biggest spikes are Alabama, Texas, West Virginia, and Tennessee.  And Tinder will see a 20% surge in traffic today.

4.  The average online dater spends six hours a week looking for love.  Or about 51 minutes a day.  But according to a new poll, it’s NOT the top way people meet.  “Through work” and “through mutual friends” tied for first.

5.  The top international destination for Valentine’s Day this year is Mexico.  It’s home to all of the top three cities:  Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta.

6.  Hallmark now makes over 1,260 unique Valentine’s Day cards you can buy.

7.  About 30% of annual flower sales happen this week.

8.  Only 20% of Americans think Valentine’s Day is romantic.  46% think it’s become too commercialized.

9.  Young people aren’t huge fans.  15% of people in Generation Z don’t think of today as a REAL holiday.  And of those who do celebrate, 25% would cancel it if they could.

10.  Other than our romantic partners, the top people we plan to give gifts to today are our kids . . . another family member . . . and a friend.  And 15% of us will buy OURSELVES a gift this year.

Fair Trivia

Hey Friends! I hope you are having a good week. Mine is crazy with different things going on. This past weekend was week two of trivia at Broheim’s Indoor Golf and Pub. We had another good turnout, but you can still join us every Sunday afternoon at 4. I have many friends that making their way to the Iowa State Fair. I was there last week to see For King and Country with Matt Mahr with Life 107.1. I always love meeting listeners and hearing their stories. Thursday was also the annual Des Moines East South Chamber gathering at Jalapeno Pete’s.

Friday was also another good day at the fair as well as preparing for Sunday Trivia. Monday I was hanging out at the KIX 101.1 booth on the triangle, I will be there this Sunday also. This weekend is a full weekend with trivia on Saturday at Snus Winery in Madrid, KIX 101.1 booth Sunday morning from 9-1 at the Iowa State Fair, then trivia Sunday afternoon at Broheim’s Indoor Golf and Pub.

I am thankful for all that are coming out to support the different events I am a part of. I am also working on something special for the Iowa State Fair next year. As many of you know me I am not stopping there either as my role with CISN grows, restarting my podcast with Rooster, and planning a weekly Pub Theology meeting.

I know God has a purpose for me and I am doing my best to make sure I am doing what he wants me to do. I appreciate all the prayers and support from you.

Happy New Year

I know I am behind getting my letter out for the holiday’s. Last year was crazy for me with lots of changes. I finished my Associates in Leadership with William Penn in June and before that changes happened for me at Des Moines Radio Group. In the spring of 2015 I added the responsibility of daily shift on 93.3 KIOA. I am on Monday through Friday 7 to midnight and Saturday’s from 10 to 3.

The new responsibilities at KIOA was not the only change during the year. A few weeks before I finished my degree I was approached to work mornings on More 104.1. Who am I to say no :). That added more responsibilities to my plate at the radio group and have been the morning guy on 104.1 since mid May. As they say find something you love and get paid for it and you never work a day in your life. That is so true and I am blessed to have been in radio for as long as I have.

I still have my event company and had a handful of events throughout the year. 2016 is shaping up with a few events and I have also added a new opportunity with my company. The idea is drinks and terrariums… You are thinking what is that? Well it is a great night out with family and friends that feeds the crafty side of your mind. Much like drinks and painting, but rather than painting you are creating your own terrarium for your home, office, or as a gift. I am also talking with a few nonprofits to use the opportunity as a fundraiser.

I know I always seem to have something going on and I think God daily of the opportunities he makes available for me. I admit there are days I would rather just sit at home and not feel to be constantly on the go, but if I did that I would miss out on so many opportunities for myself and others.

I want to thank all of you who support me and those who send me the encouraging words through the year to build me up and help keep me going. I pray your holiday’s were wonderful and that 2016 will be your best year yet.


I was working this morning and heard a commercial that reminded me of Movember or No Shave November. It gave me an idea and I thought I would share it with you. I was planning on participating in NoShaveNovember and decided to share a challenge. When researching the November challenge it was created to bring awareness to prostate cancer. Here is my idea… I do not have a specific charity that I am supporting and I know we all have specific charities that are near to our heart.

Join me in No Shave November or Movember and take the money that you would use for shaving products or services and donate to the charity of your choice. No Shave November means you will not shave for the month or Movember means you grow a mustache during the month. The direction you decide to go is up to you. I will be sharing picture updates on twitter and facebook during the month. As we approach the holiday season this is a great way to show charity to those around us and gives you a story to share.


insider’s guide to hen’s nights


Brides are often a little confused about what is happening on their Hen’s Night and end up following a group of women with their own agenda.

Nothing wrong with that, but if you are clever, you can have a perfect evening and do what you actually wanted to do.

The secrecy surrounding the planning of a Hen’s night usually means that you have very little input, but here is how to get the night you want: simply ask for it! Your maid of honour and those responsible for planning your night will be more than happy with suggestions coming from you. It is how you introduce your suggestions that will make them feel they are still in control.

The trusted online poll comes to mind where you answer questions. Search round and find some fun polls on the internet. You will find many sites that allow you to create and send your own poll too if you can not find the right one for your plan.

Make a list of questions that will show your preferences and choices for a perfect hen’s night. Also include what you really do not want like a stripper as old as your dad. Answer all the questions and then forward this via your friend’s address to all your friends as one of those quick answer fun things to do. Your answers will be studied for clues – guaranteed. This way your friends know what you want and can plan ahead with their ‘secret’ information.

question suggestions for your poll:

  1. I prefer a night without alcohol. Yes/ No
  2. Public bars are out of this world choices. Yes/ No
  3. Beauty spa for a day? Now you are talking! Yes / No
  4. Loud music and lots of dancing please. Yes / No
  5. Fun outfits with a theme are just great. Yes / No
  6. Public transport means we can have a party without fear. Yes / No
  7. Gifts should be cash towards my honeymoon. Yes / No
  8. Invite the boys along? Yes / No
  9. My co workers are not my friends. Yes / No
  10. Tea and cake with loads of roses and style. Yes / No

Creating such a fun poll you not only discover yourself what you actually will enjoy most, you also tell others in a nice way what will work for you and what not.

here are a couple of things not to with this:

  • Do not make this a serious list that takes away the spontaneity of those planning your event.
  • Do not sound like a dominatrix that is laying down the law – keep it fun and light hearted.
  • Do not analyse every answer from your friends to see if they differ from you. They will and that is why we are such an interesting species.
  • Most Importantly, Enjoy your evening out!

5 tips to choosing your photographer


Selecting the right wedding photographer is one of the toughest and most important decisions to make when planning your wedding.   Here are some questions to consider when researching possible candidates that will help find the right photographer for you.


  • Did your photographer complete formal education in photography or train with another professional to learn their profession?
  • Do they run their photography business full-time?
  • Are they an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, the professional body which governs the photographic industry AIPP?
  • Do they have backup equipment & insurance?
  • Do they have a professional contract/client agreement?


  • Is their pricing clear and precise?
  • Do you have an idea of true market value for the type of photography you want? (Try comparing the same set of items with lots of different photographers.)
  • Does your photographer use real dollars not “credit” towards items?
  • Are you aware of how much can you expect to spend after the wedding?


  • Do you see your professional photographer making your day enjoyable & relaxed, not “take over” and be too pushy?
  • Have you checked online to read their blog and about their work & reputation?


  • Are they a local photographer to you and/or your venue?
  • Will they plan your timing with you to make sure the best use of daylight and make sure all of your expectations are met?


  • Do you have any special requirements for yourself or your partner, and does your photographer care & understand about them? (e.g: blinking, height differences, family politics)
  • Are you absolutely sure you want this person following you around all day?

If the answer is YES to most of the above questions…congratulations!!

You have found your photographer!!

Find professional Wedding Photographers in your area.

Let me help!

It’s the beginning of 2013 and I am already getting inquiries for holiday parties. If you are making your plans let me be part of your plan. There are many corporate events, weddings, and parties. I can help you with those plans.