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Let me help!

It’s the beginning of 2013 and I am already getting inquiries for holiday parties. If you are making your plans let me be part of your plan. There are many corporate events, weddings, and parties. I can help you with those plans.


Today has been a fantastic day for networking. It started this morning at a business before breakfast with the Waukee Chamber. I had many good conversations and shared ideas that have blossomed into follow-up meetings.

I had received emails for a service I signed up for called They forward leads for possible clients with basic information of what they are looking for. Well today I signed up for a month of the service to see what happens. What got me to thinking about it was because I received a message on facebook a friend form high school asking if I received their message.

Well I found the message but we had already started talking about what she needed for a party next year. I decided to try the service and within 5 minutes or so my phone rang. I had answered her lead request and she called me back. As we were talking she realized she had listened to me on KIOA. I felt very confident about the call and she had to share my information with her son and his fiancé.

In one day I received and inquiry about two possible gigs next year. Those are always good days 🙂 not only had dj services, but they have other ones to no matter what you are looking for. You put in the information about your event or need then you get a list of vendors to ask for quotes and move forward from there.

There is still time if you are planning a holiday party, New Year’s Eve party, wedding, class reunion, whatever the event I would like to talk to you about my services and what I can do for you.

DJ Service

DJ Service

I am ready to help you make your event memorable and successful!

I can help you with planning your event. Whatever you need I am here to help.

I would love to chat with you about what I can do for you…

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How do I choose the right DJ?…

How do I choose the right DJ?….

Beware of Cheap & Non-Professional Companies

SHOPPING FOR THE RIGHT DJ – EDUCATION 101 Please read this very important information if you are hiring a DJ for your next event. This very valuable information will help you to make the right choice for entertainment at your next event.

Beware of so called “Professional Companies” with seemingly low cost packaged deals. These companies claim they have many years of experience when in fact, most are probably just starting off, or have very little to no experience.  Some claim they have 20+ years experience which may be true, but is the person with the experience the same one that will show up to play your music?

SOUND Most so called “Professional Companies” who offer these cheap packages can afford to do so because they have poor quality equipment – including their speakers.  Some even bring their home stereo speakers to your event! They simply cannot afford to buy high-end or good quality speakers.  Also, they do not use speaker stands and instead, put the speakers on chairs or even the floor.  This does not allow proper sound for your guests enjoyment.  Speakers on a chair or on the floor means the sound will be directed below their heads when dancing – very poor sound quality. Also placing speakers on the ground or on chairs looks very tacky for events, especially your wedding reception.

LIGHTS They do not use light stands.  Instead, they place the lights on the tables.  This means people on the dance floor will be blinded by the light due to their placement.  Again, this is a tacky look for events your wedding reception.

MUSIC A DJ is not simply somebody that can play a mixed music CD.  Most of those so called “DJ’s” will claim they have years of experience, or claim they have been spinning in clubs. Can you check that out?  Can you listen to them in advance?  We have seen companies play music that was recorded straight from the radio.  We have also seen the same so called “DJ’s” play someone else’s mixed music CD while pretending they are doing it live.  This means you will not be able to request music during your event.  Think about that song you forgot to ask about in advance but really wanted your best man to dance to – he’s always the hit of a party and now you won’t get to see it.  Think about your guests.  You need a little tamer music until Aunt Ethel leaves – THEN you break out the stuff you want to hear. 

CONCLUSION Now that you have read some of the important details on hiring the right entertainment company, you can go out and shop for your entertainment knowing what to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when looking for a DJ. You can never ask too many questions!  You will find the best entertainment company within a reasonable budget.  To see more about my services, please see the ABOUT tab.